Your Organic Life in Nepal with Us

“Peace will not come from the sky, ..peace must be built through our own actions.”

so, if you are not satisfied with what you have achieved then we are ready to be your support to built beautiful surrounding for own-self peace with Organic Life. If you want to lost from this machinery world and wants to live real 100% organic life, please contact us.


  • Early morning Organic Prays like performing Ceremony according to Buddhist Philosophy (Meditation, prays and chanting Mantra using Beads.)
  • Mostly being around in natural environment i.e away from People crowd for feeling closer to natural environment
  • Main aim of respect to Nature.
  • Consuming mostly natural and organic products and less chemical product by cultivating Foods and Vegetables by own-self.
  • Less use of Machinery product.
  • Lives in 21st century but following Forefather style i.e traditional style.
  • Totally band of Bad habits (Alcohol consumption, Smoking,etc. )
  • Busy on Traditional Agriculture.
  • Living Freely and Living Healthy.