About HHCT

Himalayan High Camp Trekking is established in 1995 therefore we have already had 22 successful years without any gap year. So, 22 yrs. Memories, moments, struggles, team works is our achievement (in terms of Business its Goodwill) in today’s tourism world. The 22yrs is a long Himalayan High Camp trekking is well groomed Family business. We are able to satisfy our valuable friends and guest with our services so, as a result looking the past 20yrs. We have maximum repeating customers. Words of mouth through our customers are our main Advertising media.
“Satisfaction of our clients is our main motto”is a line every tourism agencies use and we as well But in order to know the Fact whether this really applies or not depends on you so, you are heartily welcome just once then you will never need to feel regret of joining with us.
We are family of Nepal’s one of the best trekking running agency representing the whole Universe as a trekking agency as other. We are here to support you to be a part of our Nepalese Cultures, traditions, beauties, High Himalayas, Flora and Fauna and even Peoples.
See you..
“Jaya Himalayan High Camp Trekking”