HHCT DIRECTOR, Nima Sherpini

NIMA SHERPINI is an example or an inspirational idol for today’s generation, continuing her more than 35yrs of Tourism Industry. She has already involved with 3 generations of trekking business. The Time when Camping Trekking were only possible, The Time When Firewood were used, The Time when every required stuff was needed to carry using porter, The Time When trek start by Foot from Kathmandu and End by foot. The Time with different struggle, different Caring, Happiness, Peoples, staffs, and as well as Different Dedication.
NimaSherpini is not only CEO of agency but also a successful and inspirational Social Worker. She is only one Women CEO in Trekking field who starts her career with bare foot carrying loads as porter and then Kitchen Staff and post up to Cook and Starts Guiding. Now, she can speaks best French as French Native.
“Struggle with dedication will lead to destination you prefer”