Nepal’s historical Name since Very Begining :

The age of Truth (Satya Yuga) : Land of Satyawati
The age of Silver (Treta Yuga) : Land of Solitary Meditation and Penance
The age of Copper Dwapar Yuga) : Land of Salvation (Muktisopan)
The age of Iron (Kali Yuga) : Nepal



Nepal is a small beautiful nation lies on the lap of Himalayas in

the south Asia between India and China. Nepal has been an independent and sovereign nation since its prehistoric period. It covers an area of 147, and extends up to 880km east to west and 145 km to 241 km north to south. Nepal is a land of scenic beauty with unrivaled attraction. Nepal possesses diverse climate and weather due to its topographic variation. That’s the reason that everyone from anywhere can well suited with Nepal’s environment. The peaceful migration and co-existence between different ethnic groups developed most superficial and rich cultural diversity so, Nepal is also known as the “Melting Pot of Asia”.

The different destination you choose will make your travel very enjoyable with different species of animals, birds and insects. The way they graze the way they sounds, the way they enjoy will make you feel like heaven on Earth around the unspoiled route of Nepal. Nepal covers only 0.1 % of World’s total land but Nepal contain more than 10% of World’s Flora and Fauna.The Path of Fairy beings, “YETI”, living goddess “KUMARI”, light of Asia “Gautam Buddha”, the country where world’s top 8 highest mountain exist, the legendary “Durbar Squares”, the country with more than 100 ethnics and 100 language speaking population, the country where guest are treat as God “ATITHI DEVA VABHA”, the country whom the world’s 130 nation has endorsed as “Zone of Peace”, the country of Gorkhas soldiers, the country which has never been colonized by any other nation is NEPAL.

The breathe taking Himalayas, the diverse living culture, unspoiled route, the diverse flora and fauna, unique hospitality, the sunrises, the air, the water, the city, the village, the heritages, everyone, everything, everywhere Nepal is waiting and ready to Welcome you. Nepal, the destination you should travel once in your Life.