Hiking destination around Kathmandu Valley- 3 nights 4 days

  • Jamacho Danda  Hiking :

The nearest and beautiful hiking destination situated in the North West of Kathmandu Valley is JamachoDanda. Hiking high around 17 km inside thick forest that is rich in natural flora and fauna will make your stay in Kathmandu Memorable.

Main Attraction: Natural Rock Climbing, Ancient Cave,Jungle walk, Flora and Fauna, Guru Rinpoche monastery, view of spectacular Himalayas range(JugalHimal, Ganesh Himal, LangtangHimal) and full Kathmandu Valley .

  • White Gumba day Hiking :

It is best natural and religious walk, situated at Western part inside Kathmandu valley best for additional sightseeing hiking, cycling.

Main Attraction: Environment eco walk around local villages, White Gumba (DrukAmitab Mountain or White), Single Tree (for view of Kathmandu Valley), BuddhistMonasteries, ancient cave, flower farming.

Festivals :

  • Pharping & Daksinkali :

Pharphing is culturally, naturally and religiously beautiful one day travel destination located at 19 km south(4-6 hrs. by vehicle) from Kathmandu Valley.

Main Attraction :Chobar George(Buddhist deity Manjushree chopped the hill and drained out the pond water and form present Kathmandu Valley), Taudaha (water pond) ,Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Cave, Pharphin Gumba, Many Buddhist monasteries, Pharphing hill with local villages,Shesnarayan Temple, Bajra Yogini Temple, Gorakhnath Temple, Dakshinkali (goddess Kali, incarnation of goddess Parvati).