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UNESCO world heritage site since 1979, Largest and oldest stupain the south Asia situated 10 km north east from heart of Kathmandu valley.Most revered sites for Tibetain Buddhism in Nepal. The four side seeing eyes of the Buddha symbolize awareness among the humanity from every part of world I.e. East, West, North and South.
Main Attraction :Oldest Stupa style architecture,Giant and peaceful BoudhaStupa, Ajima Temple, Guru LhakhangMonastry, SamtelingMonastry, hamchenLhakhang, DilyakYebam, Thanka painting houses and shops, tibetain lifestyle kitchen, SechenMonastry popular for peaceful garden, veg restaurant.
Festivals : Padmasambhava Birthday, Buddha janmasthami, Buddhist rituals, New year celebration, MamlaJatra, Loshar, TemalJatra, RopaiJatra etc.
Meaning of BoudhaStupa’sParts :
Mandalas : Mansion of Buddha.
Dome : Symbols of Universe or vase of great treasure.
Two Eyes : Symbol of method and wishdom.
Harmika : Symbol of eight nobel paths.
Nose like Symbol : Symbol of Nirvana.
Thirteen Steps : The thirteen states of Bodhisattva’s ground for the complete enlightment.
Lotus : Symbol of Compassion and Purity.
Umbrella : Protector of three jewels Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
Pinnacle : Symbol of Mt. Sumeru (The king of the mountains).

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